Purrs! I am your hostess.
My name is Pepe, and I am one of four purr babies who
live in a very lovely place with two humans.

Being the little princess of the family, and always
getting what I want, I was chosen to welcome you to our
site and show you around.

I nap a lot, but am just cat napping, so am always on
top of things.  Nothing gets past me!

I hope you enjoy your stay and come back to visit
again.  Please sign our guest book before you leave.
We don't have any pictures of me as a tiny
baby because I didn't come to live here
till I was a bigger baby.  This is me as a
five month old baby, just after I got here.

I was born wild with no home on May 3,
1995.  I was so happy when my humans
rescued me and brought me to my real home
from the wild place.

I have everything a kitty could want here,
plenty of food, toys, soft beds, fancy
scratching posts, humans who love me and
lovely house with yard.  The yard has a
special fence around it to make it safe to
go outside.  It's really a fine place to

~ On May 18, 2010, Pepe left us for rainbow
bridge.  She was 15 years old.  We hope you
will still enjoy this web site.  It was
created because of her.
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award for you!  To see it, and find out
how to have one on your site, click on
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This site was
born on 7-1-99
Spring is Here

With spring, the years old fight begins.  It
has been going on for as long as most of
the Purr Babies can remember.  It is the
Madness of March as the girls call it and
March Madness as the boys call it.  Every
year the same thing.  Who will control the
television remote during the college
basketball playoffs.  Prince is joined this
year by a new boy, Wolfgang, and they
aren't sure if they want to watch the
playoffs by themselves or join the girls and
watch something else.  Tiger Lily, along
with the new girls Monkey and Bella, is just
happy that we are able to come to our
senses with thoughts of the one day of the
year that we all become Irish.  We don't
have to speak Irish or look Irish, we are
just Irish for one day each year.  We eat
traditional food and drink traditional
beverages.  Here at the Happy Habitat we
follow this to a point.  The Purr Babies
agree that "Corned Beef and Cabbage"
sounds alright but they draw the line at
"Green Beer and Irish Whiskey," not to
mention any other adult drinks some
revelers might consume.  Beyond the food
and drink, the babies believe in
Leprechauns and their pots of gold at the
end of the rainbow.  Not that they think
they will ever find one of these pots, just
that they believe in all of it.

You may visit their
St Patrick's Day Page
through the Seasonal Page link above.
I have a wink wink!!!  His name
is Shamus Blue, isn't he cool?  
Just look at that tail!  You
will be seeing more of him on
some of our other pages!
Last update 3-1-19
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To see some recent pictures of me & a
special page that is all mine, click on my
baby picture.
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