Purrs! I am your hostess.
My name is Pepe, and I am one of four purr babies who
live in a very lovely place with two humans.

Being the little princess of the family, and always
getting what I want, I was chosen to welcome you to our
site and show you around.

I nap a lot, but am just cat napping, so am always on
top of things.  Nothing gets past me!

I hope you enjoy your stay and come back to visit
again.  Please sign our guest book before you leave.
We don't have any pictures of me as a tiny
baby because I didn't come to live here
till I was a bigger baby.  This is me as a
five month old baby, just after I got here.

I was born wild with no home on May 3,
1995.  I was so happy when my humans
rescued me and brought me to my real home
from the wild place.

I have everything a kitty could want here,
plenty of food, toys, soft beds, fancy
scratching posts, humans who love me and
lovely house with yard.  The yard has a
special fence around it to make it safe to
go outside.  It's really a fine place to

~ On May 18, 2010, Pepe left us for rainbow
bridge.  She was 15 years old.  We hope you
will still enjoy this web site.  It was
created because of her.
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award for you!  To see it, and find out
how to have one on your site, click on
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Summer Heat, Passing Soon

Here it is, August, and Tiger Lily is very
happy.  She knows that this is when the
temperatures begin their slow decent into
fall.  She also knows that this is another
month of celebration in the Happy Habitat.  
A few of the Purr Babies will be featured
prominently.  Elsa, Cinderella and Prince will
be enjoying their eighth birthday, while Mia,
their mother, will be having the eighth
anniversary of her arrival to the Kingdom.  
This year Tiger Lily will be having more fun
because she gets to help plan and set up the
festivities.  Also, since she is the youngest
and newest member of the habitat, she has a
very important assignment.  She is the
official treat and food tester.  It's not that
anyone is afraid of something being bad
enough to make them sick, ok so some of
them might be a little worried, ok a lot
worried, you know, why take any chances.  
Besides she is young and strong and should
be fine.  Tiger Lily is convinced that it is a
great honor to take on this tasking.  She
knows that Meowmie would never bring
anything in that would make anyone sick as
long as no one tries to eat too much.  Tiger
Lily is a firm believer that eating too much is
a myth.  She also believes that a good time
will be had by all.

You may visit their August Birthday Page
through the Seasonal Page link above.
I have a wink wink!!!  His name
is Shamus Blue, isn't he cool?  
Just look at that tail!  You
will be seeing more of him on
some of our other pages!
Last update 8-1-18
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To see some recent pictures of me & a
special page that is all mine, click on my
baby picture.
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